Sunday, August 24, 2008


Or is that YA ARG?

I recently heard about this new project from Scholastic books (hence the YA) called The 39 Clues, a sort of DaVinci Code for the under-16 set, that includes books, trading cards, and a real-time scavenger hunt that seems to spill out of the Internet into the real world (hence the ARG).

Although the attempt to create a Potter-esque phenomenon by design, as opposed to by catching lightning in a bottle, is fraught with pitfalls, they do seem to have a catchy premise, so I'll be watching with interest to see if it catches fire.

Does anyone else remember Masquerade?

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Shadow said...

I do! I found all the hares, but the only clues I ever figured out were ones that said things like FALSE NOUU TRY AGAIN. (That's a double-U, get it?)

Now, does anyone remember Maze?