Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sanctuary Keepsake Campaign - Update 2

AS OF 9/26/2012, this round of the Sanctuary Keepsake Campaign is now 
CLOSED to new orders.  

Remaining items may be made available in a future offering, as time permits -- or may show up at a convention near you.  

Thank you to everyone who participated!

For items requested by September 25th:
Canadian and International requests will be mailed by October 5th.
US Items will be mailed by October 31st.

Recipient is responsible for all customs and duties. 

NOTE: As of Friday, 9/20, I am having additional swatches made from a second curtain.  Therefore, delivery of curtain swatches requested after this time may be slightly delayed to allow time for tailoring.  

The SANCTUARY KEEPSAKE CAMPAIGN to benefit the Sanctuary 4 Kids charity continues with new items, including a few little items from Primeval:New World, the new series for the SPACE Channel that has been home this year to a few Sanctuary alumni -- Martin Wood and I are Executive Producing, Amanda Tapping and Andy Mikita each directed multiple episodes, Robert Lawrenson made a guest appearance, and many of the behind-the-scenes crew joined us as well. 

What is the Sanctuary Keepsake Campaign?  In short, it's a chance to obtain small items from Sanctuary (and now other shows), as thank-you gifts in return for donating to the Sanctuary 4 Kids charity.  Since the campaign was inspired by the goal of making the keepsakes widely available, we've once again tried to include items for every budget level.  

Below is a roundup of ALL REMAINING ITEMS and a few NEW ITEMS. 

PENCIL (OR PEN) FROM HELEN MAGNUS' DESK - minimum $20 donation

There are more than two dozen of them here -- just regular pencils, mechanical pencils and ballpoint pens, nothing special about them at all EXCEPT THAT THEY SAT ON HELEN MAGNUS' DESK in Season 4 of Sanctuary.  They'll be distributed at random to the first 30 people to donate a minimum of $20 to Sanctuary 4 Kids and request them according the the rules below. ONE PER CUSTOMER, PLEASE. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

One of these Sanctuary logo memo pads (promotional items from the original 2007 webseries) will now be included with every pen or pencil from Magnus' desk.  Also, additional promo items (such as promo postcards and Helen Magnus' lenticular business card from the webseries) will be included with all Thank-You items while supplies last.  

**UPDATE: As of 8 PM PST on Sunday, 9/23, 12 remain available.**  

SHARD OF AFINA'S TOMB - $45  minimum donation - 15 available

This amethyst-coloured "rubber glass" was created by the FX department for episode #316, "Awakening," to be used in the sequence where the Vampire Queen Afina breaks from her crystal tomb. Although the final on-screen tomb was a CGI creation, the purple rubber glass was crumbled and used on set as shattered pieces on the floor.

Each sculptural piece of "amethyst" retained from the discarded rubber glass is completely unique. Size is approximately 1 square inch. Each will come with a Certificate of Authenticity. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

FABRIC SWATCH FROM HELEN MAGNUS' CURTAINS - minimum $40 donation, or $75 for 2 

"Were these drapes always this hideous shade?" - Nikola Tesla

"I saw it in the window and I just had to have it!" 

These familiar red and gold brocade curtains hung in Helen Magnus' office for the run of the series.  For the post-apocalyptic episode "Pavor Nocturnus" in Season 2, the curtains were replaced with these "stunt doubles" that were shredded and distressed for the scene in the destroyed Sanctuary.  This screen-used material has been professionally tailored into approximately 12-inch squares, each one unique.  Ideal as crying towels for mourning the loss of a beloved series!  Many of these are distinguished by unique rips and camera-friendly damage; others are intact and might be pressed into service as dinner napkins.  Please note in your email if you prefer an intact or a distressed swatch, and I will do my best to accomodate your request. Each one will come with a Certificate of Authenticity.  WHILE SUPPLIES LAST
**UPDATE: As of 6 PM on Friday, 9/20, I am having additional swatches made from a second curtain.  Therefore, delivery of swatches requested after this time may be delayed to allow time for tailoring  **  

"ADJUSTER" HAT -  $65 minimum donation - Donated by Martin Wood  - 2 Available

These props appeared onscreen in the 3rd season episode Hero 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Wii CONTROLLER LOADED WITH "SANCTAURY" Miis - $90 minimum donation - 2 Available

These "Mii" versions of the Sanctuary characters were created in February of 2011 and populate my home machine.

My and my virtual family.
(I'm the yellow one. The one in pink is my friend Melody.
You should recognize the rest....)

They have been transferred to a newly-purchased Nyko brand remote for the Wii. To transfer them to your own Wii, just sync the remote to your Wii, go to the Mii Plaza, and select "Transfer." Then choose the new remote and you will be able to drag and drop the characters into your own Mii Plaza, where they will interact with your own family and friends, join your muster, and even play Tennis with or against you. Look out for Tesla, though -- he cheats.

Guess Who

PUBLICITY POSTCARDS FROM PRIMEVAL: NEW WORLD - SET OF 6 - 3 sets available - minimum donation $100

A little something from our new "sister" show "Primeval: New World."  These limited-edition promotional postcards of the regular cast of the upcoming show were created by the SPACE Channel for signing at the Vancouver Fan Expo earlier this year.  Included: Niall Matter (Evan Cross) Sara Canning (Dylan Weir), Danny Rahim (Mac Rendell), Crystal Lowe (Toby Nance), Miranda Frigon (Ange Finch), and Geoff Gustafson (Ken Leeds). 

**UPDATE: Geoff Gustafson and Crystal Lowe have generously signed their postcards!**


The set dec from P:NW is, I'm happy to say, not available for sale at this time.  But I do have a few of the toy dinosaurs that populated our office, generously signed by some of the cast:

Stegosaurus: Signed on the tag by Geoff Gustafson (Ken Leeds)
Triceratops: Signed on the tag **and on the dinosaur** by Crystal Lowe (Toby Nance) 

Apatosaurus (aka Brontosaurus' usurper): Signed on the tag by Executive Producer/Writer Gillian Horvath
Albertosaurus: Signed on the Tag by Executive Producer/Director Martin Wood

(Okay, it's probably a Tyrannosaurus Rex but I prefer to think of it as an Albertosaurus,
Rex's smaller, faster, meaner cousin.)

"I'M FINE" T-SHIRT - **SIGNED** - minimum donation $60 each

It's like your very own Raptor Attack! These t-shirts come from Bad Idea T-shirts.  I gave them to cast, writers and directors shortly after starting filming.  There are a few left over -- now they can be yours.

I have one Medium and one Large t-shirt, signed by cast members Crystal Lowe (Toby) and Geoff Gustafson (Ken) and by Executive Producers Martin Wood and Gillian Horvath

Geoff and Danny are fine.


Step 1: Go to the Sanctuary 4 Kids website.  Make your donation.  In the comment box, please put #sanctuarykeepsakecampaign.  NOTE: Please do not use the comment box to make your item requests.  These must go to the email below. 

Step 2: Email me at (at) to request your item.  Please help me out by putting "Sanctuary Keepsake" and the item you are requesting in the subject line.  Please put your mailing address and any further details about the item you are requesting in the body of the email.  Requests will be honored in the order they are received in the inbox.  Please DO NOT make your requests via any other channel, you will lose your place in line.

All items are WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.  I will post updates here once each item is sold out, but please note, there may be a time lag in tracking the requests, therefore you may find that the item you requested is no longer available.  I am grateful for all donations made in the campaign but I can't guarantee that all donations will receive the "Thank You" items described.  

***For one-of-a-kind items, you may email to inquire about availability prior to making your donation.***

I will cover all mailing costs to anywhere in the world.

For items requested by September 25th:
Canadian and International requests will be mailed by October 5th.
US Items will be mailed by October 31st.

Recipient is responsible for all customs and duties. 

Please tell your friends!



Wendy U. said...

I hope the Campaign went well for you and Sanctuary For Kids! I'm happy with the Sanctuary stuff I aquired and that I donated to S4K to do it. Thanks Gillian :)

Diane said...

My pencil arrived safely in Scotland. Thank you very much for both it and all the extras. :-)