Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Sanctuary Keepsake Campaign

NOTE: An UPDATED POST has been added with additional items, 
as of 6 PM PST  on Friday, 9/21.

You know what's a great antidote for sadness?  Helping out someone else.  I'm sure there's a reason -- endorphins, maybe -- but I'll just go with the empirical evidence.  Doing good deeds feels good.  And I'm sure it's good for the soul.

So let's get together and help out some people in need around the world!  Let's help build houses in Haiti, let's help orphans in Nepal, let's join together in community wherever we are.  

Let's surprise our friends over at Sanctuary 4 Kids by a sudden burst of generosity.  Because guess what, gang, I've got the coolest "Thank You" gifts for Sanctuary fans. When the lease on the Sanctuary studio ended earlier this year and the sets and props were being cleared out, I rescued a few items to share with you all.    Welcome to the SANCTUARY KEEPSAKE CAMPAIGN.  

*** Please read all the instructions at the bottom of the page if you wish to participate! You MUST make your requests via the special email address provided below. ***

And please spread the word wherever people may be interested.  Let's use the hashtag #sanctuarykeepsakecampaign and keep it going on Twitter!


A while back, when some props from the show were posted online for a charity auction, I recall seeing a comment on facebook from a fan, saddened by the knowledge that the one-of-a-kind items would quickly skyrocket beyond her budget.  She wished for something from the show to be made available at a more accessible price --"even just a pencil from Magnus' desk."  Well folks, imagine my delight -- I HAVE those pens and pencils from Magnus' desk and I want you guys to have them.  

PENCIL (OR PEN) FROM HELEN MAGNUS' DESK - minimum $20 donation

There are more than two dozen of them here -- just regular mechanical pencils and ballpoint pens, nothing special about them at all EXCEPT THAT THEY SAT ON HELEN MAGNUS' DESK in Season 4 of Sanctuary.  They'll be distributed at random to the first 30 people to donate a minimum of $20 to Sanctuary 4 Kids and request them according the the rules below. ONE PER CUSTOMER, PLEASE. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST
**UPDATE: As of 11 PM on Thursday, 9/20, more than 20 remain available.**  


I also have a dozen WINE CORKS that were used on the show.  If you know Sanctuary you know the significance of Magnus' wine cellar.  These will be distributed to the first 12 people to donate a minimum of $20 to Sanctuary 4 Kids and and request them according to the rules below. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST  **Update, as of 11 PM on Thursday 9/20, all the wine corks have been CLAIMED **

FABRIC SWATCH FROM HELEN MAGNUS' CURTAINS - minimum $40 donation, or $75 for 2 

"Were these drapes always this hideous shade?" - Nikola Tesla

"I saw it in the window and I just had to have it!" 

These familiar red and gold brocade curtains hung in Helen Magnus' office for the run of the series.  For the post-apocalyptic episode "Pavor Nocturnus" in Season 2, the curtains were replaced with these "stunt doubles" that were shredded and distressed for the scene in the destroyed Sanctuary.  This screen-used material has been professionally tailored into approximately 12-inch squares, each one unique.  Ideal as crying towels for mourning the loss of a beloved series!  Many of these are distinguished by unique rips and camera-friendly damage; others are intact and might be pressed into service as dinner napkins.  Please note in your email if you prefer an intact or a distressed swatch, and I will do my best to accomodate your request. Each one will come with a Certificate of Authenticity.  WHILE SUPPLIES LAST
**UPDATE: As of 6 PM on Friday, 9/20, I am havnig additional swatches made from a second curtain.  Therefore, delivery of swatches requested after this time may be delayed to allow time for tailoring  **  


Because of the scarcity and the shipping issues, these are a bit more expensive.  If you know Sanctuary you know the significance of Magnus' wine cellar.  These will be distributed to the first 6 people to donate a minimum of $150 to Sanctuary 4 Kids  and request them according to the rules below. Each one will come with a Certificate of Authenticity. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST
**Update:  As of 9 PM on Sunday 9/23, 2 bottles remain available.**  


Step 1: Go to the Sanctuary 4 Kids website.  Make your donation.  In the comment box, please put #sanctuarykeepsakecampaign.  NOTE: Please do not use the comment box to make your item requests.  These must go to the email below. 

Step 2: Email me at athena.tv (at) gmail.com to request your item.  Please help me out by putting "Sanctuary Keepsake" and the item you are requesting (PENCIL, FABRIC SWATCH, or BOTTLE) in the subject line.  Please put your mailing address and any further details about the item you are requesting in the body of the email.  Requests will be honored in the order they are received in the athena.tv inbox.  Please DO NOT make your requests via any other channel, you will lose your place in line.

All items are WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.  I will post updates here once each item is sold out, but please note, there may be a time lag in tracking the requests, therefore you may find that the item you requested is no longer available.  I am grateful for all donations made in the campaign but I can't guarantee that all donations will receive the "Thank You" items described.  

I will cover all mailing costs.

For items requested by September 27th:
Canadian and International requests will be mailed by October 5th.
US Items will be mailed by October 31st.

Recipient is responsible for all customs and duties. 

Please tell your friends!



Lauren Maloney said...

Love this idea Gillian. Thanks for taking it on!

samxart said...

What a great way to celebrate the best show ever! and help people in need. You're awesome Gillian!

MichelleH said...

I would have loved a wine bottle! I could have justified it/talked my husband into it if Sanctuary for Kids had charitable status for tax receipts. Hopefully they can do that soon!

Kellye said...

What a great fundraiser! Sadly out of my abilities for now.
I do wish Sanctuary would be brought back. We need more intellectual sci-fi available and less shock value horror.

Mike Simpson said...

Awesome! Fantastic cause run by a great bunch of people.

Unknown said...

What a lovely idea, Gillian!